Perishables Solving Complex Supply Chain Problems, Globally

At SOZO Logistics, we ensure perishable shipments meet consumer demand for better quality and lower pricing by optimizing your complex cold-chain supply chain.

We simplify your solutions through correct management and planning, so the handling and transport of perishable goods meet the highest standards.

Our IT Infrastructure and special contracts with leading air and sea freight carriers ensure we deliver an unbroken cold chain. Buyers and sellers can monitor their shipment with real-time live data reports directly from carriers for complete product visibility at every point of movement.

Services Applicable:

Reefer Containers
Cold-Chain Logistics
Cold-Chain Air Freight Solutions
Cold-Chain Warehouse and Distribution
Integrated IT Solutions

Case Study

We have kept goods moving fresh all the way from *country A* to *Country B*.

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Perishables FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can assist you with cold-chain shipments for your temperature-sensitive cargo. We provide a cold-chain logistics network through our air freight and sea freight divisions to ensure the cold-chain is never broken.

Our system allows you to log in, track and monitor all your ongoing and planned shipments live. This enables you to know where your shipments are and gives you the latest information, allowing you to make decisions with confidence.

We can assist you with your domestic cold-chain road freight requirements and provide monitoring and tracking data.