Aerospace Solving Complex Supply Chain Problems, Globally

SOZO Logistics addresses the unique set of challenges demanded by the aerospace industry with a dedicated team of experts.

Our team of airfreight and aftermarket specialists are on call 24/7 to present solutions to the hurdles your business faces. We understand that customers require a customized solution and pricing model to suit their specific needs. With IT integration enabling operators’ access to real-time information, we provide you with complete supply chain visibility.

Services Applicable:

Sea Freight Products
SOZO-RED Dedicated Airfreight AOG Specialist
Order Management

Case Study

We have handled some of the most challenging aerospace logistics successfully.

Aerospace FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, through Airfreight or full container load deliveries depending on the size and urgency of your requirement.

We deal with all your customs requirements to temporarily import and aircraft for use in charter activity and projects in a region.

We have a dedicated team of professionals ready to deal with your emergency and get your aircraft back to where it belongs, in the sky.

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