Fashion Solving Complex Supply Chain Problems, Globally

When you choose SOZO Logistics in your fashion business, you gain a freight partner who is agile in their processes, so your business can react quickly to changing trends and demands.

We transcend beyond being a vendor and ensure that we learn the ethos of your business to provide you with supply chain visibility, reduced costs and inventory supply matched to consumer demands, on time.

We support e-commerce businesses in the requirement for reduced lead-times in order fulfilment by providing delivery on time and with the correct quality. We’ll provide your business with the latest technology solutions in visibility and order management to meet the demands of the ever-changing fashion industry.

Services Applicable:

General Air Freight Products
Multimodal Sea Freight Products
Integrated IT Systems
White-Glove Order Management
Warehousing Technology

Case Study

Our Supply Chain Specialists Have Reduced Lead Times Up To X %

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Fashion FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

We can help your business grow by ensuring that the flow of information is in the hands of the right people to make proactive purchasing decisions. The growth of a business is directly linked to the ability to service and deliver to your customer on-time and at the right price.

Our IT infrastructure can integrate with most business management software on the market. This means real-time information is fed to the correct channels. From tracking updates to order management, the integrity of information is protected and delivered efficiently.

We can assist with the complex management of your supply chain and management the entire process on your behalf to allow you to focus on your business and customers.