Industrial Solving Complex Supply Chain Problems, Globally

Leverage our unique ‘per customer’ solution to ensure your business’s unique requirements are met by SOZO Logistics.

We understand the complexities rapidly evolving within the Industrial Sector due to the adoption of information technology, the introduction of regulatory bodies from governmental and intergovernmental Health & Safety Departments and Customs & Excise. We’ll ensure there is a balance of efficiencies and cost management through the logistics process with our industry expertise.

Choosing SOZO Logistics as your partner means you gain access to our IT infrastructure allowing procurement and buyers to monitor inventory levels real-time and make decisions based on accurate information. We are aware that raw materials are crucial to ensure supply chain continuity, and the failure to deliver can result in massive losses. We’ll provide the tools so the total cost of the supply chain can be better managed by optimizing the cost of inventory and stock levels. With services such as order management and e-commerce platform, your business gains visibility across the supply chain.

Services Applicable:

Sea Freight Products
Optimized Airfreight Solutions
Warehouse Management and Integration
EDI Interfaced Solutions

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Our industrial solutions have provided real value to our client’s bottom line.

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Industrial FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

We look at your demands, sourcing and supply availability to ensure that the correct solution is offered for cost containment, as well as efficiencies within the supply chain. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted vulnerabilities in the supply chain, and we will provide the correct visibility and decision making in place to ensure that there is a continuous supply of goods to market regardless of the sector.

Our IT infrastructure allows you to monitor your raw materials as well as finished product batch and shelf life details pertaining to each order and shipment, to better manage the quality of your stock hitting the shelf. We understand the challenges of FMCG and food manufacture regarding health, safety and government regulations and we will assist you throughout the process.

SOZO Logistics is certified to pack, handle and assist you with the processing of your hazardous products. Health, safety and compliance is paramount in dealing with hazardous shipments; we are aware of the constant updates in protocols and requirements by regulatory bodies. We manage your supply chain compliance on your behalf and keep record of all your customs formalities as well as shipment record.

We provide industrial solutions such as Track & Trace for complete supply chain visibility, Order & Supplier Management, Supply Chain Optimization, Global end-to-end Shipment Management and Bespoke Supply Chain Solutions.