Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Solving Complex Supply Chain Problems, Globally

At SOZO Logistics, we provide IT Solutions to businesses in healthcare and pharmaceuticals that allow you to stay close to your supply chain, make quicker decisions and have confidence in knowing your goods are cared for.

We’ll help ensure your business doesn’t feel the pinch of immense pressure due to increased demand by all sectors, as was the case with the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We understand the life-saving urgency of goods within your industry and have specially created EDI tracking updates to push information into the system of your operations so your supply chain can be proactive, rather than reactive. Our global partners and reach allow us to stay up to date with the latest regulations for Pharma and Bio-Pharma industries, ensuring peace of mind as your goods pass-through borders.

Services Applicable:

General Air Freight Products
Cold-Chain Logistics
Warehouse and Distribution
Integrated IT Solutions

Case Study

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we moved.

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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can assist you with cold-chain shipments for your temperature-sensitive cargo. We provide a cold-chain logistics network through our air freight and sea freight divisions to ensure your cold-chain is never broken.

We have warehousing available in select locations for the management and delivery of your cargo. Contact us for your requirement.

Our handle with care, white-glove approached with ensuring that your sensitive machine gets delivery in the right condition and at the right cost.