Air Freight Services: SOZO Red (Express Airfreight), General Airfreight, Charter Solutions, Intermodal Solutions

We save time when it matters most.

The ethos of SOZO Logistics airfreight products is rooted deep in our corporate and company culture. Transparency and reliability. We understand that airfreight solutions are for meeting the demands of extenuating circumstances brought about by the need to utilize an airfreight solution. Time is of the essence.


SOZO Red (Express Airfreight)

Our dedicated airfreight controller is available 24/7 to ensure your airfreight reaches its destination on time. This product, an express option, is booked on a must fly basis and pulls out all the stops to ensure your crucial shipment arrives on time and in order. Live and integrated tracking allow project managers to monitor the progress of the shipment through customs as well as through the air.
Common uses of this product include but are not limited to:

  • AOG shipments
  • Pharma Shipments
  • Ship spares and solutions
  • Crucial Supply Shipments


General Airfreight Solutions

Our general airfreight product places the importance on time and speed, in the most cost-effective manner. The provision made for airfreight must ensure that the benefits outweigh the cost. SOZO’s airfreight solutions allow for door-to-door products so that you have control and visibility through the entire shipment process.


Charter Solutions

Specially designed for Pharmaceutical and Automobile industries, SOZO offers full and part charter services to an array of destinations through premium carriers and vetted service providers. Online support, pre-shipment costing and project management is available throughout.


Intermodal Solutions

A combination of airfreight and road freight in order to deliver to out of reach destinations or airports out of service. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of this service when many of the global carriers shut down routes due to government regulations. SOZO’s innovative solutions maintained supply chains in the midst of the crisis, by utilizing multi-modal solutions while managing costs and delivery times.

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