Warehousing Services: Warehouse Management, Short and Long-Term Warehousing, IT Management & Online Reporting

SOZO Logistics owner-managed warehousing and distribution, allows you to consolidate your logistics activities with someone you can trust to: mitigate risk, manage costs and ensure optimization of your supply chain.

We manage the process throughout with our software solutions so inventory can be managed from anywhere in the world. Some of our solutions include:


Warehouse Management Services

Pick and pack, labelling, inventory management, container unpacks and packing, and bespoke services are some of the services we offer and conduct based on our cost-saving models.


Short- and Long-Term Warehousing

Whether short term storage or long terms storage is required, we offer flexible warehousing solutions built to suit your need.


IT Management and Online Reporting

All warehouse activities are reported online, through either EDI modules or our Oratos online system. We Integrate your shipment reporting to coincide with your warehouse activities.

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